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By Heandel Noel

All spring seasons are the same because they display the same panoramic pictures.  The weather belonging to that season makes room for a range of great activities known only to that period of time in the year.

However, one spring would be remarkably different from all other springs with the birth of a poet who would skillfully put his prints on the modern Haitian literature.

On a seventh day of April, John Field Noel would be born in Hinche Haiti, where the pure fire of poetry were already awaiting to christen his soul, for I believe one is born a poet.

“Poetry chooses the soul in which it wants to dwell, the paper on which it wants to be born, and the mouth through which it wants to become alive.”  

John field Noel has been the mouth in which poetry has become more alive than ever. This tri-lingual medium to the beautiful art of all times is blessed to share his faith, his worries, his dreams, his hopes, his love, his patriotic sentiments, and his views of the world in English, French, and Haitian.
It was in the year 1986, a very important year in the political life of Haiti, the first country of the world to become independent after a successful slave revolt, that John Field Noel would write his very first poem.
Since then, a flow of captivating rhymes would be charming all audiences that had the luxury of meeting the poet in concerts, weddings, church services, cultural events and so forth. John Field Noel is the author of "Reflexions volume 1" His first Cd which presents a well thought collection of beautiful poems; "Reflexions 2,” his second album covering a host of interesting topics, and now he is releasing "Reflexions 3” for the pleasure and enjoyment of the admirers of great Poetry.
On each poetry album, the poet recites his lyrics with the most appropriate musical genres in the background.
Rodney Montreuil, a very gifted musician and composer, has contributed greatly to the success of his first two albums released in 2003 and 2008. Now, the public will have the opportunity of discovering the impressive talent of another young musician and composer named Mario Michel; the mind behind each musical accompaniment for every poem on the Poet’s latest project.
In the year 2001, John Field Noel had been the invited guest poet on Heandel Noel’s first poetry album. His text “M’ paka ri”on his younger brother’s album would be a great success. Following this successful experience, the poet would be solicited again to participate in Suzette Civil’s (now Suzette Civil Noel) poetry album project. “Ils sont nombreux,” was the title of his contribution, and it was warmly received by all.
John Field Noel is a poet who is writing with a purpose. He is a man on a mission. That’s why his lyrics can be understood by everybody. One would say “He keeps it simple.” And that is when greater learning happens.

Noel's Family

Noel's Family

  It is worth mentioning that John field Noel has come from a talented family. His younger brothers, Weldy Garvels Noel and Heandel Noel, are respectively play writer and poet.  His younger sister Mideline Noel has proved herself to be a very talented vocalist, and is planning on offering a music album to the world. 

Noel's Family

Noel's Family

  Aznavour Noel, Clauna and Claudette Pierre are three proud brother and sisters to the poet, and they have always shown a great deal of appreciation for his art.
Clotilde Noel, his mother, would never regret caring for a son whose words would be soothing the broken hearted, showing the light to the souls in darkness awaiting to be saved, advocating for the voiceless and powerless people of this world.
Charles N. Noel, his father, agrees that investing in a child is worth it, because a boy today is the citizen that people look up to tomorrow.
John Field Noel is pleased to welcome you on his website, and looking forward to sharing more of his poetry with you.